“I am not going to be the guy who’s not pulling his weight.”
– James Franco

Haley Anderson

Senior Marketing Specialist

Haley’s journey with UrbanTrans began in 2013 as a graphic artist providing compelling visuals and messaging for projects throughout North America. Over the years her perceptive eye, creative touch and strategic mind have launched her to the role as Senior Marketing Specialist. With an Honors Bachelor of Design from York University and Sheridan College, she’s equipped with the latest and greatest marketing skill-sets required to turn lofty ideas into meaningful reality. She continually sharpens her skills by attending many digital marketing workshops, user experience and service design courses, as well as many other auto-didactic endeavors. Haley has provided strategy, design, and production services for clients finding their feet to clients with deep roots and wide reach.

Haley feeds off the energy required to develop marketing and program strategies that bring to life the clients’ imagination while exceeding the client’s triple bottom line. She is known for her collaborative work style, endless optimism, boundless creativity, and strategic mindset. She is driven to create strong concepts and integrated workplans across disciplines and geographies with her amazing co-workers. All the while keeping an eye on how to remain efficient and effective while yielding innovative and tactile results. The environment at UrbanTrans allows her to grow as she applies her skill-sets in a framework that embraces creativity, sustainability and community.

With a seemingly unquenchable thirst for knowledge, you’ll find Haley spending her free time at the most diverse series of workshops and seminars including urban farming, pottery, or DIY furniture building. Her personal projects carry a similar urbanist spirit as her work, as can be seen in her endeavor to visit and “capture” every park in Toronto (1500+), which can be followed on Instagram @EveryPark.