“If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.”
– Carl Sagan

Adam Arnold

Manager, Programs

Building on a successful career in the non-profit world, Adam joined the UrbanTrans team in 2012. He’s known for his pragmatic approach and  exceptional ability to inspire his teammates, his clients, and his community. With over a decade of direct TDM experience, Adam has instilled innovation through the development of the first employer-sponsored vanpools in Ontario as well as developing a new approach to Transportation Management Associations (TMAs) in the Toronto region.  Building on his previous experience working for multiple municipalities in the United Kingdom, Adam’s global viewpoint coupled with his respect for localized context results in strategies that simply deliver results. Currently his project portfolio includes managing three Smart Commute TMAs in the Toronto region, and supporting workplace TDM programs in Massachusetts, Atlanta and beyond.  Committed to building capacity and skills in the TDM field, Adam frequently leads professional development workshops including a widely popular series with businesses as they prepared for the 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto.

When he’s not getting his hands dirty delivering TDM programs, he lends a hand to our team of planners. Well versed in GIS and planning techniques, he can be counted on to bring practical solutions to the planning process – after all, he knows what works in practice.  Adam is an active member of the Association of Commuter Transportation in Canada and has been invited to speak at numerous conferences to share the results of his programs’ innovations.  Adam is a dedicated year-round bike commuter, braving the Toronto winters on two wheels as our resident “Viking biker”.