Alisha Hussain
“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.”
– Bill Nye (the science guy)

Alisha Hussain

Program Assistant

Alisha loves to work with her community and the people within it. She applies that to her everyday at UrbanTrans and it shows in the results.

When you meet Alisha, you instantly realize her genuine desire to build relationships, connect with the people she works with, and do great work. Alisha believes in partnering with communities to bring effective and relevant change. She knows it is important to take the lead from members of the population you are working with rather than assuming what path each would like to take. She went to school for Communications Studies and Anthropology before pursuing a career in Social Service Work. Before relocating to Atlanta, you would find Alisha passionately working with children and youth with Autism and Developmental Delay in schools, shelters and group homes. Alisha has also coordinated and facilitated volunteer trips for youth who look to be a part of positive change in developing communities internationally in Ecuador and India.

Alisha is currently a vital team member of the Atlanta Airport TMA and manages our innovative AERO Help Desk. With her innate ability to generate relationships with employees, she’s able to simplify complex transportation options among an extremely unique workforce. When it comes to the busiest airport in the world, she is leveraging the best TDM principles to simplify the ATL commute and keep things moving.

Fun things about Alisha: Loves to cook new foods and will try anything once (When asked the most interesting thing she’s eaten: “…a live grub in Ecuador”!), loves to workout, loves superhero movies, loves Toronto (and generally all things Canada).