“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
– Mae West

Anna Roberts

Senior Program Specialist

Anna’s a connector.  Her passion for bringing people together and her commitment to community outreach make her an excellent asset, where she connects with diverse audiences as a Senior Program Specialist.

Anna is known for her ability to work with highly diversified audiences and unique transportation contexts to shift travel behaviors. How is she so successful? Probably because that old “one size fits all” saying is not in Anna’s vocabulary. Through interactions at proven “change-moments” in an individuals life, she is able to create valuable connections and design solutions that result in new travel behaviors.  Anna has most recently applied her skills to a major multi-year construction mitigation project in the Perimeter district of Atlanta, Georgia.  She is also the TDM program coordinator for MetroWest, a planned mixed-use community in Fairfax, Virginia.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Anna believes in giving back to the community that she loves.  She has a passion for wellness and spent several years as a volunteer with Children’s Strong4Life, where she worked to help families achieve sustainable lifestyle changes to combat childhood obesity in Georgia.  By championing the most recent UrbanTrans staff Fitbit challenge, she helps her coworkers create new healthy habits by putting their healthiest foot forward.

When she’s not reading or spending time with her family, Anna enjoys walking and biking on the Atlanta Beltline and checking out new restaurants in the city.