“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.”
– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Elizabeth Winslow

Senior Program Specialist

Elizabeth’s joined the UrbanTrans team with a passion for sustainability and a dedication to superior client relations, outreach efforts, and program coordination. Her background and results-driven approach led to her vital role on ASAP+, one of our flagship TDM projects located in Atlanta. Through this on the ground experience, we’ve noticed she excels at meeting diverse client needs, managing complex programs, bringing new ideas to market, and achieving actual behavior change.

Elizabeth plays the very important role of Project Manager for the Annual Atlantic Station Travel Survey, a pioneering transportation evaluation effort. This provides funders, regional partners, and the TDM program with vital information and metrics.  Beyond Atlantic Station, her project portfolio includes support for other Atlanta projects as well as directly supporting project in the Northern Virginia area such as the Potomac-Rappahanock Transportation Commission.

Elizabeth studied transportation management, development, and logistics while receiving her degree at Auburn University. As a founding member of UrbanTrans’ Sustainability Committee, Elizabeth assists in creating and executing internal sustainability initiatives that make a serious positive impact. Outside of work you can find her browsing the local farmer’s market, hitting the trails with her four-legged companions, or exploring Atlanta’s urban landscape on foot or bicycle.