“One thing is sure. We have to do something. We have to do the best we know how at the moment… If it doesn’t turn out right, we can modify it as we go along.”
– Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Johann Webber

Senior Program Specialist

Johann likes to introduce himself as a “transportation nerd.” It’s probably accurate–and in the best way: he is always enthusiastic about new transportation technologies and legislation, and he offers unique insights into the way that these shifts can affect behavior or change the landscape of transportation as a whole. An analytical thinker, Johann pairs his passion for transportation with a rigorous approach to research that pairs quantitative and qualitative data. He is a fervent defender of learning from others’ lived experience in order to provide truly meaningful and rewarding opportunities for behavior change that sticks.

Johann has four years of professional experience in transportation demand management, and currently serves as Assistant Program Manager for the Perimeter Connects TMA. In this role, he leads program development and employer relations for large employers in the Perimeter area, developing custom programs and services for some of the region’s most iconic employers (including State Farm, Mercedes-Benz, and UPS). Johann cherishes the opportunity to work with industry leaders to change how they see transportation and to help improve employees’ commutes while also saving companies money and improving their productivity.

Before coming to UrbanTrans, Johann served as global project manager for an active transportation behavior change firm where he oversaw the participation of over 100,000 individuals and helped to create 10,000+ new bicyclists. He brings a systems perspective to his projects, identifying new ways to collect data and leverage it to improve decision-making and evaluation.

In addition to his time in project management, he is a recognized active transportation and transportation governance expert, with peer-reviewed research published in journals, including Transportation Policy, Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, and Transportation Research Part F: Behavior and Psychology. His research has a strong practical orientation and has helped to improve project delivery for the Georgia Department of Transportation, assess the successes and missteps of the Transportation Investment Act process for the Atlanta Regional Commission, and bring attention to the successful behavior change effects of gamified programs.

Johann is an avid mountain biker and spends his time away from Atlanta hiking and camping with his wife and infant son. He also has a beloved dog Gus who can sometimes be found in the office following everyone around.