“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
– Buckminster Fuller

Jonathan Weidman

Senior Program Specialist

Jonathan approaches transportation through the lens of sustainability and economic equity. His career has focused on building infrastructure and systems that allow people to travel without a car. He’s an intersectional thinker with a passion for the built environment, specifically streets and other public places. Jonathan’s superpower is creating strategic partnerships that create win-win scenarios. He likes to find an opportunity in every roadblock, and believes we can solve problems through innovation and collaboration.

Jonathan joined UrbanTrans as a Senior Program Specialist in January 2019. Previously, he ran his own business, Two Wheel Valet, for 4 years before turning over management of the company to a business partner. Two Wheel Valet grew from a passion project on nights and weekends into a profitable business in three cities. The company was recently honored with the LEEDership Award from the US Green Building Council. Prior to Two Wheel Valet, he worked on two light rail construction projects with AECOM and HDR Engineering. He’s a soon-to-be graduate of Johns Hopkins University’s Master of Real Estate and Infrastructure program where he won the Mueller Award for his Capstone project. He completed his undergraduate degree at Georgia Tech in Building Construction in 2011.

Outside of work, Jonathan likes to spend time exploring and enjoying the outdoors. He’s completed three large thru-hikes and spends time on both downhill and backcountry skis. He loves traveling to new places, taking bike tours, and learning about different cultures. Jonathan will talk your ear off about e-bikes and the benefits of living car free. He frequently volunteers at the Atlanta Food Bank’s urban gardens.