“Aspire not to have more, but to be more.”
– Óscar Romero

Jossimar Fuentes

Senior Program Specialist

Jossimar is a problem solver, who strongly believes in the power of innovation and creativity that is derived from the free flow of ideas. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jossimar brings a wealth of unique insight to the UrbanTrans and its Los Angeles office. His skillsets offer newfound opportunities when navigating and programming for the patchwork of different cultures, languages, and customs within our communities. Currently, Jossimar manages the Playa Vista Compass TMA and Century City’s Commute 90067, where he takes the lead of the program development and the relationship fostering with the clients.

Jossimar has dedicated his professional career to community development after a year of service through the AmeriCorps Vista program. He has strived to bring opportunities and access to low-income communities in the Los Angeles area. Before moving to UrbanTrans, he was tasked with leading job development programs in the hospitality field for the City of Santa Monica, a grant designed to reach the city’s most vulnerable populations. His roles included establishing local job training programs, working to engage at-risk youth, finding community driven ways to help solve local transportation problems, and helping community groups navigate the municipal planning process.

Jossimar earned his bachelor’s Degree from Syracuse University in Information Science & Technology. He continued his education by earning a Master of Arts Degree from California State University, Northridge in Urban Planning.

When he is not working, Jossimar is closely monitoring the progress of his favorite Football (Soccer) club, experiencing Los Angeles on a bike or transit, and helping others with financial literacy skills.