“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”
– Theodore Roosevelt

Kate Wilson


Kate is dedicated to finding data-driven solutions to create behavior change and improve the overall health of communities. She currently provides planning support to projects across North America. Her recent work includes authoring the Cabbagetown/Reynoldstown Transportation Study, exploring the effects of technology trends on the transportation network for the Atlanta Regional Commission, and creating targeted employer surveys for clients in the Halton region in Ontario. Kate’s planning work incorporates her extensive experience managing transportation demand management programs; she formerly managed AERO, the transportation management association serving the Atlanta airport’s 63,000 employees.

Kate’s history with UrbanTrans begins as a part time employee in 2010, supporting Atlanta-area transportation programs. She moved on in 2011 to pursue a full time career with the regional TDM provider, but came back to UrbanTrans in July 2013 as an intern while pursuing a Masters Degree in City and Regional Planning at Georgia Tech. Joddie likes to say she was the inspiration for Kate becoming an urban planner, but we all know it was Matthew.

Before discovering her interest in urban planning, urban renewal, and behavior change, Kate worked in a wide array of industries. This included working as a newspaper editor, an au pair, and in finance. Through this diverse experience, Kate plays host to an extremely unique set of valuable project skills and not to mention is a really fun person to have around the office!

Kate spends most of her free time playing Ultimate Frisbee.  For those who play “Ultimate”, you know it is the only self-regulated sport played on such a massive scale. Worth noting: this is something so uncommon in organized sporting that it has drawn the interest of behavioral scholars and analysts. Kate recently traveled to Europe to win the world championships in Ultimate.