“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

Ma’ayan Dembo

Program Specialist

Ma’ayan joined the UrbanTrans Los Angeles team in early 2016 as a Program Specialist. She is described by teammates as a “Swiss-Army knife”. Meaning: she can and seemingly has already done what you needed done on that project.  From plan to market to implement to measure.  She applies her skill-sets to programs that shift single occupant vehicle drivers to alternative transportation modes. Currently she helps lead the award-winning Playa Vista Compass TMA and the South Bay Cities Council of Governments Travel Pal program.

Her direct experience in community engagement, transportation demand management, and data-driven planning efforts helped UrbanTrans receive the Tools of Change Global Landmark Case Study award in behavior change for Compass’s unique Ability2Change segmentation approach. Her engagement of clients at an experiential level and understanding of area policies is helping transform transportation across Southern California.

Her previous roles include running a small pilot TMA in Santa Monica, which was recognized by the Southern California Air Quality Management District as the most Innovative Transportation Project of 2015. She also worked at a public art non-profit, creating Strategic Public Art Plans for various communities throughout Los Angeles County. Ma’ayan studied Urban Studies at Stanford University, with a focus on Urban Society and Social Change— with coursework in transportation, economics, and communications.

When she’s not working, you’ll likely find Ma’ayan exploring unique trails surrounding Los Angeles, biking with friends, surfing the Pacific, or making art with her collective, The White Cube Society.