“If you torture the data long enough, it will confess.”
– Ronald Coase

Midhat Malik

Program Assistant

Midhat joined UrbanTrans North America to be able to gain an understanding of sustainable transportation initiatives on a national scale. In her role as Program Assistant for all Canadian projects, Midhat supports the creation and distribution of commuter engagement communications, emails, marketing collateral copy and contributes to project planning and idea generation sessions with gusto and imagination. She also staffs outreach events to engage commuters with an approachable and outgoing personality.

Midhat brings over two years of experience working alongside municipal leaders, entrepreneurs and sustainability professionals. Midhat has a history of working at environmentally focused organisations and aims to improve awareness of sustainable world issues through community engagement, outreach and teaching, which she has done with some notable organizations in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. She has also been involved in leading or supporting projects in data analysis, business development, and project planning,

Most recently, she worked with the Environment and Energy Division at the City of Toronto to reduce congestion and single occupancy vehicle travel through campaigns that illicit behaviour change. Midhat has coordinated events that teach road safety for all road users, basic bicycle repair, and even led an activity to help participants find a carpool partner at their workplace. Her passion for sustainability led her to teach a tutorial for the Academic Sustainability Programs Office at her Alma Mater where she led discussions of topics like the dangerous outcomes of fast fashion, the effects of implementing a carbon tax program, and the benefits of buying local produce, which she supplemented with field trips to enable experiential learning. She has also engaged community members for SoBi Hamilton at street festivals, community events and even on local radio station 93.3 CFMU.

One of her favorite aspects of her current job at UrbanTrans is the opportunity to change the way people think and act through strategic communication design for the betterment of the planet we share. When she isn’t coordinating sustainable transportation initiatives in Toronto or the surrounding area, she brings her creative ideas and analytical mind as the youngest director on the board of Hamilton Bike Share.