“When the lasagna content in my blood gets low, I get mean.”
– Garfield

Robby Long


Robby is determined to improve the livability and experience of cities by working to make them more inclusive and accessible through programs, policies and design. Recognizing the strong relationship between programming and planning, Robby enjoys problem-solving to ensure that plans are implementable, and projects are brought to fruition.

Robby comes to UrbanTrans with diverse TDM experience. In 2016, Robby began working as a TDM Planner with a Denver-based TMA, reducing the number of drive-alone commuters by designing challenge campaigns and outreach events that had quantifiable reduction in VMT. Recent projects include collaboration on the University & Colorado Multi-Station Plan and Mobility Study; management of a program to reduce single-occupant vehicle demand among service, retail and hospitality employees in the Cherry Creek North Shopping District; project management of a feasibility study considering the formation of a TMA in West Denver; and representing Southeast Denver as an Outreach Specialist for the Denver Regional Council of Government’s Way to Go Program. Robby currently acts as the Program Manager for the Transportation Solutions TMA in Denver, and represents Transportation Solutions as a member of the Denver Streets Partnership and the University of Denver’s Sustainability Council, where he advises on alternative transportation issues facing the university.

Inspired by his time living in Amsterdam, Robby pursued a Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Colorado Denver where he focused on transportation planning and urban design and worked on projects including an urban design plan for the Knox and Perry RTD Light Rail stations, creation of concept-level designs for proposed bicycle facilities in Denver and collaboration on a plan to mitigate the economic and environmental impacts of seasonal tourism in the Mediterranean town of Datça, Turkey.

When not exploring his home-state of Colorado, Robby is happiest when lost within unfamiliar borders and places of movement, where he can connect with people and places around the world. He makes it a point to travel outside North America at least once a year, but when stateside, Robby’s weekends are filled with running, biking, and climbing throughout the American West. This year, he is planning to climb Devils Tower in Wyoming and to run a few road races around California, Colorado and Tennessee.  He also has an irrational addiction to plantain chips.