Atlanta’s Unified Transit Signage Project

Project Highlights

UrbanTrans recently partnered with fd2s to create a unified transit signage system for downtown and midtown Atlanta. The project resulted in a comprehensive transit signage system that maximizes communication opportunities, improves the user transit user experience, and showcases collaboration among a diverse set of transit agencies, including MARTA and the regional transit providers who provide express bus service to downtown and midtown.

Our team conducted an in-depth GIS inventory, photographic inventory, and analysis of existing transit stops within the project study area. This process identified existing locations that share transit stops for multiple transit operators, the environmental conditions of those stops and the surrounding areas, and relevant observed behavioral considerations.   The photo inventory of each transit stop was used to identify existing site conditions and opportunities for the design concepts. These visual records provided the project team with details to inform specific design considerations, showcase pedestrian-scale and interactivity with way finding, and record existing conditions.

To efficiently consolidate this complex system of transit data, our project team used a stakeholder education and engagement strategy to generate collaboration, buy-in, and legacy opportunities.  These stakeholders were maintained throughout the project process to ensure accuracy of data sets while creating ownership among the individual transit agencies to ensure longevity of this data collection beyond this project.

Our project partner, fd2s, subsequently led the development of a comprehensive signage system that addresses the behavioral, environmental, and data considerations identified by the inventory process.