Atlantic Station Travel Survey

Project Highlights

UrbanTrans has led six annual statistically significant travel survey projects that included Atlantic Station residents and employees and will be soon starting the seventh survey for 2014. The Atlantic Station site, a national model for smart growth and sustainable development, provides multi-modal access for visitors, employees and residents.  The travel survey results show achievement of the site’s modal and vehicle miles traveled transportation goals based on data from site employees, residents and total vehicle trips.

UrbanTrans developed all survey instruments, distribution plans and incentive structures. The surveys are designed to show compliance with trip reduction targets imposed as part of the Project XL Final Project Agreement between Atlantic Station and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Using a creative and cost effective survey methodology, UrbanTrans ensured compliance with that the Project XL Agreement requirement that survey results be accurate to +/- 5 percent at the 95 percent confidence level.

The surveys were designed in both paper and electronic formats. Multiple methods were used to distribute the survey instruments throughout Atlantic Station. The work environments of office and retail employees differ significantly and unique distribution methods were needed. In an office environment, property managers and employers assisted with electronic distribution. In the retail areas, incentives were provided to store managers who turned in over 50 percent of their employee’s hard copy surveys.  The addition of residents to the sample called for yet another distribution strategy that prompted residents via mail, email and in person outreach.

In 2013 the Atlantic Station travel survey included an element in which a select number of employees and residents were asked to track their trips using a smartphone application. The application allowed individuals to quickly track the start and end locations of their trips along with the travel mode used to complete the trip and the time of the trip. Participants were recruited from the population of individuals who completed either the residential or employee travel surveys.

Providing not only multi modal infrastructure is important to Atlantic Station, but also adding encouragement and incentives to use that infrastructure. Since 2005 Atlantic Station has managed ASAP+ an effective, efficient, thriving employer and commuter services program that has served as an ongoing and dependable resource for the Atlantic Station property management, business and retail community. During its existence, and under the management of the UrbanTrans team, more than 100 partnerships have been developed as a result of education and outreach efforts to reduce single occupancy trips.