Atlanta’s ASAP+ Program

Project Highlights

The Atlantic Station site in Atlanta, Georgia is a national model for smart growth and sustainable development and provides multi-modal access for visitors, employees and residents. Employees strongly identify with the location and green brand of Atlantic Station and are proud to be a part of a vibrant community rooted in sustainability. Since 2005, Atlantic Station has retained UrbanTrans to offer a commuter services program, ASAP+, to encourage and educate travelers about transit, biking, walking, ridesharing and teleworking/alternative work schedule options.

ASAP+ is a cost-effective, efficient, thriving employer and commuter services program that has served as an ongoing and dependable resource for the Atlantic Station property management, business and retail community. During its existence, and under the management of the UrbanTrans team, more than 100 partnerships have been developed as a result of education and outreach efforts to reduce single occupancy vehicle trips. These efforts have always been focused on measurable results using time- and cost-efficient methods.

All education and outreach efforts conducted with employers, property managers and commuters at Atlantic Station encourage behavior change at both the employer/property level and at the employee/commuter level. This double-pronged approach casts a wide net, encouraging communications from the top-down (employer/property manager to employees/tenants), promoting bottom-up interest (employee to employer) and increasing word of mouth awareness from employee to employee. Outreach events are organized to draw the most attendees and/or foot traffic within a reasonable timeframe. Through established partnerships with business/retail employers and property managers, local employer partners volunteer to donate items, such as marketing materials, food, incentives, giveaways and/or meeting space. These mutually-beneficial relationships with local contacts provide extra support for ASAP+ to help promote participation in regional programs and services.

Throughout the span of these activities over the last six years, ASAP+ has consistently stayed on task, budget and timeline, completing all program goals in a timely manner and providing monthly reports and other communications to the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), the program’s funding partner.