Boulder Access Management and Parking Strategy Development

Project Highlights

The city of Boulder  is developing a strategy to guide parking and access management decisions. Through the effort the city is considering access and parking management issues holistically to assure that it achieves maximum benefits from its policies and implementation efforts. UrbanTrans is helping the city review TDM regulations as they relate to land use development. Our assistance includes a broad review of developer-focused TDM regulations and policies throughout North America and portions of Europe and the subsequent identification of best practices that are applicable to Boulder.

Upon conclusion of the best practices research UrbanTrans will work with Boulder staff, elected officials and other stakeholders to update existing policies to better encourage developers and new developments to participate in TDM programs, thereby minimizing vehicle travel and related impacts in the community. The project’s final outcomes will include the identification of appropriate policies and tools to further advance TDM in Boulder, which has been an international leader in the implementation of successful TDM strategies to reduce vehicle travel and maximize sustainability.