FHWA Parking Pricing Primer

Project Highlights

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is actively working to educate government agencies throughout the United States of the benefits associated with congestion pricing policies. As part of this effort, FHWA hired UrbanTrans, under subcontract with Leidos to develop a primer that discussed current practices in parking pricing, available technology to assist with the implementation of parking pricing programs, options to encourage developers and employers to implement parking pricing, options for dealing with preferred users and recommendations for obtaining public acceptance for parking pricing programs. The primer also included case studies with information on innovative parking programs being implemented in the United States in cities such as Seattle; San Francisco; Washington, DC and Aspen. The primer was well received and UrbanTrans staff have been invited to presented information from the primer at the IPI, ACT and TRB annual conferences and as part of an IPI Webinar.

UrbanTrans also held a workshop in San Francisco and gathered municipal transportation officials from across the country to discuss new parking technologies and policies, which helped inform the primer. The workshop was co-hosted by the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO).  SFpark project implementation and lessons learned to date were the keynote sessions.  Currently UrbanTrans is developing and implementing additional parking pricing workshops that feature the Federal Highway Administration’s Value Pricing Pilot Programs will be held throughout the U.S.