Great Park Neighborhoods TDM Work Plan

Project Highlights

The Great Park Neighborhoods project is a redevelopment of a former Marine Corps base and centers around the development of the Orange County Great Park. The Great Park Neighborhoods development consists of residential and non-residential uses with required participation in a TMA for affordable residential and most non-residential land uses. The Great Park will be a countywide asset and include habitat preservation, a wildlife corridor, education, open space, recreation, institutional and other public-oriented land uses.

UrbanTrans conducted a study to determine organizational options for providing TDM services to the Great Park Neighborhoods. That study determined that the most appropriate option for TDM service delivery was the formation of a transportation management association (TMA) that would serve residents living in affordable housing and employees within the Great Park Neighborhoods boundary. Upon identification of an organizational delivery option a detailed business plan was created that covers the first three years of TDM program delivery. The plan is designed to provide a road map for the development of a long-term, sustainable TDM program, but is also adaptable as the program grows within the first three years of operation.

At the conclusion of the three-year plan the Great Park Neighborhoods will have tested TDM tools and services that will provide employers and residents with realistic options for sustainable travel behavior change. Stay tuned for results!