Hamilton’s Construction Mitigation Project

Project Highlights

UrbanTrans recently designed and delivered an innovative project that harnessed the opportunity to create measurable travel behavior change during road construction in the City of Hamilton, part of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. The project blended TDM planning, social marketing, individualized marketing, customer service and trip planning to mitigate traffic while a major road in Hamilton was closed for construction for five and a half months in 2013,.

This project used a targeted awareness campaign to mitigate traffic from the construction project and create demand for TDM programs and services.  Residents’ before travel behaviors were captured in order to gauge the actual impact of the campaign on shifting travel demand to non-SOV modes.  The city did not create a signed detour route for the closure, therefore UrbanTrans prepared personal travel plans for residents and area-commuters.  This strategy was able to showcase commitment to vital community stakeholders that the City was taking pro-active consideration to the effect of this closure.  These stakeholders ranged from politicians, small business owners, residents, major employers, and schools.  We also employed direct mailings, website, email, social media, phone and print mediums to educate the community. The final report included impacts on travel behavior, trip types, modes, and residents’ satisfaction, including the following key metrics:

  • Over 57,000 households were engaged in the awareness campaign
  • 84% of residential commentary/feedback was positive about the project and the efforts to mitigate traffic
  • Over 620 Personalized Travel Plans were developed and delivered to individual residents
  • Over 600 residents subscribed to receive updates throughout the construction project
  • The campaign was dynamic to adjust to three different road closure timeline extensions
  • The campaign represented 0.2% of the total construction budget for the road project