Seattle Multi-family and Millennial TDM Marketing Plan

Project Highlights

The City of Seattle provides ongoing innovative programming to help reduce personal car use through transit, car share, carpooling and other active or sustainable modes of transportation. To help achieve this change in travel behavior, the City developed a Way to Go brand. One of Way to Go’s key campaigns is the One Less Car Challenge (OLCC). For over ten years, OLCC was dedicated to changing the automobile-centered mindset by incentivizing residents to sell or donate their car.

UrbanTrans was selected to review the OLCC campaign results and identify how OLCC best practices can be applied to new marketing, and develop a strategy to encourage carfree/carlight behavior at multifamily residences in Seattle. To accomplish this, the project team conducted a market analysis and primary market research consisting of stakeholder interviews, evaluation of existing research, and an analysis of the OLCC marketing performance measures.

Based on the findings, UrbanTrans developed a three year marketing plan which includes targeting multifamily residential communities and specifically the demographic group of Millennials for travel behavior change. To reach this market, UrbanTrans developed a unique engagement strategy to partner with property managers of multifamily tenant residences in Seattle. Currently, this strategy is being piloted in and around Seattle.