West Seattle In Motion Campaign

Project Highlights

UrbanTrans and a local partner organization, Feet First, implemented the West Seattle In Motion program in 2011. The In Motion program has been undertaken in several neighborhoods in the Seattle Metro area. It encourages residents to incorporate transportation choices such as walking, biking, ridesharing and transit into their daily travel by providing program participants with customized transportation information and resources. The program provided the opportunity to pledge to reduce driving trips and offered incentives for participating, such as transit tickets, local business deals and entries into a grand prize draw.

West Seattle In Motion was designed to target 7,000 households in the neighborhood of West Seattle from early July through October, 2011. In order to tailor the In Motion program to the West Seattle neighborhood, the project team held discussion groups and stakeholder meetings. Additionally, partnerships were formed with prominent local organizations. Participants were asked to pledge to drive less and to log the trips that they changed on the In Motion website to earn rewards and the chance to win a grand prize. The results included:

  • Engaged 1,229 participants; 18 percent of the targeted households
  • Created an In Motion network of three partner organizations, 16 local business sponsors and 18 local organizations
  • 95 percent of registered participants pledged to reduce their drive alone trips by two or more trips per week.
  • During the West Seattle In Motion program participants avoided 20,424 drive alone trips and 294,455 miles of drive-alone travel, a distance equivalent to twelve trips around the world. These reductions equate to 14,722 gallons of saved fuel and 142 tons of carbon emissions avoided.
  • Based on survey results, participants reduced their use of the drive alone travel mode by 28 percent.
  • 85 percent of participants said, in the after survey, that they plan to continue their new travel patterns.