This is a word that means a lot at UrbanTrans. Sustainability.
A word we are committed to on behalf of our staff and our communities.
A commitment that we will make a difference.

Our People

Our company’s culture reflects our team’s passion for a sustainable business. And it all starts with our people.

  • We walk the talk. To encourage sustainable commuting habits, all staff have access to either a monthly transit subsidy or a monthly bike benefit.
  • Work is not a place and a time. Our telework and flex time policy allows our team to focus on doing great work for our clients.
  • We love a healthy meeting of the minds. That is why we regularly implement “walking meetings” as a proven way to keep the creative juices flowing.
  • Eat, drink and be merry. We regularly host office pot lucks to embrace team building, share best practices, and spark creative conversation.

Our Community

A major component to our sustainability effort is giving back to our communities, both locally and globally. Each year we challenge all of our staff to share the love. Pay it forward. Give back. Do a little something-something. Be good… for goodness sake.  So for Valentine’s Day, each office organized and participated in a half-day volunteer effort for a meaningful organization in their community. Below you’ll find which organization each office partnered with.


Also our entire company is engaged with KIVA giving. Explore our team page and impacts here as we collectively improve our global community while individual staff support an entrepreneur that inspires them.

If you’ve ever visited an UrbanTrans office, then you know we find a lot of joy and inspiration from our less conventional office mates — our dogs. In 2015, we dedicated our holiday card to raising funds for the Humane Society. For each click, we gave a dollar. In the end, we made a donation of $201 on behalf of our friends, clients and colleagues.

NY Dogs

Our Impact

While working so hard to reduce vehicle miles traveled, we couldn’t help but notice we often increase our plane miles traveled with our projects in such varied geographies. As such, we have partnered with ClimateCare to offset all of our staff’s combined air travel carbon emissions. For 2018, that totaled 33.25 tons of carbon emissions from 126,698 miles flown. That’s enough to circle the earth 5 times! The funding from our offset contributions will support projects around the globe that protect the environment and make a measurable difference to people’s lives.

We’re all in this together, so we’d love to offset a flight you recently took, too. Whether it was for business or personal travel, pick a flight from last year and we will offset your round trip with ClimateCare. Just tell us where.

Our Results

This sustainability commitment is to make a difference.  Measuring that difference is how we keep our efforts focused.  That’s why we continuously strive to improve our metrics for sustainability.

Every year, UrbanTrans staff participate in a month long wellness challenge. Along with healthy eating and lifestyle, a major component is, of course, sustainable commuting. In our most recent year, our small staff made some major impacts. When we added up all the sustainable commutes, it was equal to the distance between all of our offices– combined!  Here’s a little break down by mode:

TRANSIT: 1,804 miles CARPOOLING: 1,250 miles BIKING: 305 miles WALKING: 103 miles

UTS_Map and modes_v3-01

You likely hear us talk a lot about metrics and data-driven decisions in our projects.  How can we advocate for them if we can’t replicate them ourselves?  This year our offices are applying for designations that showcase our corporate culture in action for sustainable travel behavior.  Take for example our super-friendly, ever-apologizing Toronto office (“sorry”). They were awarded Canada’s BICYCLE FRIENDLY BUSINESS designation.


Share the Road



Los Angeles

BFB Silver